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For All Confused, Overwhelmed, Stressed-out Moms!


A simple step-by-step approach to parenting that will bring order and peace to your home!

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"A peaceful home, with happy, obedient kidsis that even possible?"



"There's so much noise, and my kids ignore me!"

Transform the atmosphere in your home:

In this course, you'll learn to get and keep your children's attention, to build a healthy sense of identity and belonging in your kids, and to manage the most important season in the parent-child relationship. All of this will completely transform the atmosphere in your home from chaos to peace!


"I'm worried about all the bad influences out there!"

Create a way of passing on your values through daily routines:

You'll learn ways to help your kids love and follow God, to recognize what's beautiful, true, and good, and to treat things and people with respect and gratitude for what they've been given—all  through the normal, day-to-day activities and habits of life! 


"Is there a way to make sure my kids will be friends when they grow up?"

Establish a family culture that strengthens relationships:

The resources in this course were created to help you establish your family's unique culture, develop deep bonds in a natural way, and create shared memories and cherished traditions, all of which will lead to strong, lasting relationships.

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What if. . .

 . . . you could enjoy quiet moments, every day? Instead of frantically racing from one activity to another, reacting to every conflict and drama, what if you could calmly move through the day, in charge, ready for whatever comes? Oh, and with time for a cuppa each day, and even quiet evenings?

 . . . you could know you're doing a great job as a mom? No more agony over whether you're being too strict or too lenient! No more second-guessing your decisions! Instead, enjoy having real confidence that, for the most part, you're doing your best, and your best is enough!

 . . . your home and your life felt more peaceful? Imagine having a place for all the toys. knowing how to deal with tantrums, being able to enjoy family dinners, and not dreading taking your kids out in public!

Be THAT Mom!

The confident one, with happy kids and a peaceful home!

  • You have the confidence you need to effectively lead your children to adulthood!
  • You understand what really makes for happy, contented kids—it's not what you used to think—and you are setting them up for success!
  • You're making your home a haven of peaceful, humming activity, where the dream of enjoying a peaceful evening or a quiet cuppa is becoming a reality!

A Note From Kaye...

When I first became a mom, I expected my kids would be quiet and compliant, like I was as a kid. Was I in for a shock! 

After trying (and failing) for several years to get a handle on things, I was exhausted and disheartened; something had to change.

Using basic principles of leadership and common sense that I'd learned from books by John Rosemond, I started to develop a way of teaching and training my kids that was very effective—everywhere we went, people commented on the outstanding behavior of my kids! So, I decided to become a Certified Leadership Parenting Coach through the John Rosemond Institute. 

All of my five kids are now happily married, successful in their fields, and look for opportunities to spend time together. I have a satisfying relationship with each  of them, their spouses, and their kids!

I created this course for moms who love their kids and want to give them an amazing childhood, BUT whose kids sometimes make them crazy—and they don't know what to do! Once you've learned the basics of this course, you can customize it to your needs! There are so many resources here that are tried and true (by me!) and the results will bring you so much peace and joy! I look forward to working with you!


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Think of this...

  • Your kids are napping, you're folding laundry, and you're being encouraged as you listen . . .

  • You're getting step-by-step instructions—not just concepts or principles—in things like using consequences, teaching manners, managing mealtimes, PLUS you have the Bonus Pack with lists and charts that are helping you visualize how you can make it work in your own home, with your own kids . . .

  • Once each week for 12 weeks, you get a zoom link in your inbox. You click on and for 90 minutes, you get to ask questions of the course creator, hear how other moms are handling things, gain clarity and vision, and realize you aren't alone!! It's like getting free coaching!



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What's Included:


#1- Twelve short, audio-only lessons, recorded by the course creator.

You're a busy mom, with lots on your plate. Whether your work is primarily in the home or outside the home, you can listen to these short lessons while you drive, as you do household chores, as you're fixing dinner—whatever is most convenient for your busy lifestyle!

#2-A 53-page downloadable workbook designed to help you implement what you learn!

With each lesson you'll find: space for jotting down your thoughts and impressions, some questions to consider, and an Action Plan to help you begin implementing new habits and practices.


Tools to help you figure out what you value most, and inspire you to stay on track when things are tough!

As part of Lesson 2, you'll find the "Inventory for Parenting Goals", a questionnaire that will help you and your spouse talk through the things that are the most important to you. Then you'll be ready to complete the "Parenting Goal and Commitment Statement", which is designed to help you crystallize your vision, and help you stay on track and keep your eyes on the prize! 

#4- A Bonus Pack with colorful lists, charts, and templates!

Along with the lessons and the workbook, you'll find "Manners for Children"— a list of manners for children by category; the "Chore Bundle" which includes a set of chore templates to customize for your own use, a list of various age-appropriate chores, and chore specification lists for each area of your home; "Consequences and How to Use Them"— guidelines for the effective implementation of consequences—and more!



The Result? 

An absolute game-changer for your family, and for your confidence as a mom!

With these twelve audio lessons, the workbook, and the Bonuses, you'll have the tools to become THAT momthe one who knows where she's going, and whose kids listen and follow! 

The Result? 

An absolute game-changer for your family, and for your confidence as a mom!

With these twelve audio lessons, the workbook, and the Bonuses, you'll have the tools to become THAT momthe one who knows where she's going, and whose kids listen and follow! 

How do I know if I'm ready?

Perfect for you if:

  • You're in a cycle of nagging and yelling at your kids and don't know how to stop!
  • You want to lead your kids instead of always reacting to their moods and attitudes!
  • You worry your kids will grow up lazy, demanding, and entitled, but don't know how to prevent it!
  • You're afraid of being too harsh, and damaging thembut  sometimes they treat you like a servant!
  • You are committed to do doing whatever it takes, and to stick with it long-term, in order to change the trajectory of your family and your kids' lives!

Not for you if:

  • You are committed to never upsetting your kidsit's not worth the conflict.
  • Your kids have some behaviors you don't like, but it's just easier to give them treats and toys to keep them quiet!
  • You want a quick and easy fixyou aren't interested in long-term transformation.
  • You believe that children should be at the center of the family.
  • Investing this kind of time in bringing up your kids is just sillythey'll turn out fine without all this fuss!
I'm Ready

Let's take a look at what's inside

Lesson 1: Know Your Role

It's hard to do a good job if you don't know your job description! What exactly is our job? In this lesson you'll get clarity regarding your role as Mom.

Lesson 2: Know Your Goal

If you don't have a clear idea of where you want to end up, you'll always second-guess yourself. In this lesson, figure out what matters most to you and what you want for your kids, then make a commitment to do whatever it takes to lead them there.

Lesson 3: The Five R's

These five categories of Reverence, Respect, Responsibility, Resourcefulness, and Relationships form the framework you'll use for building the habits and virtues you want for your kids.

Lesson 4: The Great Transition

In this lesson, learn about the single most important season in the parent-child relationshipwhat it is, why it matters, and how to navigate it successfully.

Lesson 5: Choose To Be The Mom No Matter What

Let's be honestsometimes we don't want this job. Even those of us who dreamed of being mothers (I wasn't one of them!) have days when we'd rather opt out. In this lesson, learn how to choose the job instead of just accepting it or trying to avoid it, even when it's hard.

Lesson 6: Alpha Speech

One of the most urgent desires of the moms I know is that their kids would listen and pay attention to them! It really is possible to get your kids' attention without yelling over and over! Learn how in this lesson.

Lesson 7: Consequences and How To Use Them

Kids do not always obey, no matter how well we communicate. That's where consequences come in. This lesson explores when and how best to implement them.  

Lesson 8: The What, Why, and How of Reverence

The first of the Five R's, Reverence is the foundation of all the others. Find out why in this lesson, and begin making it part of your family culture.

Lesson 9: How To Teach Respect

In my work as a parenting coach, I see more and more kids being disrespectful to their parents. If we want a more respectful world, we have to begin by teaching Respect to our children.

Lesson 10: Teach Your Kids Responsibility

Part of the goal of parenting is preparing kids to be able to leave home and make their own way without depending on us. Here's where it begins!

Lesson 11: All About Resourcefulness

Great prosperity and abundance often lead to entitlement and ingratitude. Learn to use Resourcefulness to cultivate gratitude in your kids!

Lesson 12: Relationships That Last a Lifetime

All moms long to have a strong adult relationship with their children, and for their kids to be friends with each other after leaving home. Nurture relationships and create a family culture using ideas from this lesson. 

Wait, what's included again?


Time for a Tour

Becoming the Mom You Want to Be includes 12 short audio lessons, a 53-page workbook with space in each lesson for notes, some questions to think about, and an action plan to help you know how to implement the lesson. In addition, you'll get the Bonus Pack, which includes  "Manners for Children", The "Chore Bundle" (Chore chart templates, list of chores by age, and chore specification lists) and "Consequences and How to Use Them".


Weekly Contact

Once each week for 12 weeks, there will be a scheduled Zoom call. Grab a cup of coffee and spend 90-minutes asking Kaye your questions, talking through problems you've been having with your kids, and hearing how others are dealing with their issuesit's like having free coaching!


Email Access

Between calls, Kaye will be available once per week to answer short email questions. Questions requiring longer, more involved answers, will be addressed in the Zoom convo.

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Here's What Others Are Saying...


Working with Kaye was life-changing; we finally felt we were gaining control at our home. When we first called we were so desperate, and since that first phone call we could see changes. Family members, babysitters were complimenting us on the behavior of our boys! They would say, "They are so well-behaved!" without us even asking how the kids were acting.

Kaye truly cared for us. She would check on us regularly thru texts, emails, you could just feel she truly was there to help our lives be better. I would recommend Kaye to any family that needs discipline, harmony, tools to succeed as parents and to have a happy home."


Kaye Wilson has been such a gift to our family. She provides gentle advice that sets parents up to have healthy, loving, stable relationships with their kids. All her wisdom is hard-won and based in experience. We highly recommend Kaye!!


I wanted to write and thank you so much for the advice you gave me on my daughter’s eating habits. We have been diligent and followed exactly what you said to do. Breakfast and dinner used to be the source of a total meltdown each and every day. Now, we can actually have a conversation at dinner, and my daughter sits politely eating everything she is served. We just got back from her two-year pediatrician appointment, and he complimented us on her blood work, saying she must have a great diet at home. Before this, she refused almost every veggie. Now she has several favorites. We owe you and thanks again!

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  Transform your parenting! 

Click Below and

Become The Mom You Want To Be

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One time payment

  • 12 Lessons that will revolutionize your parenting
  • 53-page workbook
  • Bonuses for incorporating manners, chores, and effective consequences into your routine
  • Access to course creator via 12 weekly Zoom calls and/or emails


For less than what you might spend for: a haircut, color and style . . . Air Pods . . . an evening at Top Golf . . . one outfit, not counting shoes & accessories,

you can transform your entire family life!


Only $179!





Yes! A 100% Money Back Guarantee

This product has a 14-day money back guarantee. If you work through the first 2-3 modules of this course and are not completely satisfied we will refund your money. ** Refunds must be requested in writing within this refund period.

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